The MGH Main campus

The MGH Main Campus is a multi-building complex which is bounded on the front by Cambridge Street; on the west by Charles Street/Storrow Drive; and, on rear by Blossom Street.

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   The main entrance is located in the White Building, just off of Cambridge Street (though the building is white, it's actually named for George Robert White, one of Boston's leading philanthropists)

   Entrances to the Wang Building and the Yawkey Building also face Cambridge Street.

   The rear of the Main Campus is located on Blossom Street, where you will find entrances to the Cox, Gray and Jackson Buildings.

   No matter which entrance you use, you can walk from one building to another without going outside (Yawkey is the only exception). The buildings are connected to each other via a central, Main Corridor.

   Here is a printable map to help orient you to the layout of the MGH campus. All of the buildings are labeled, as are the various entrances, the main corridor, and other points of interest in the Mass General Hospital complex. (Click here to download and print a map (PDF))

   As you go from one appointment to another, you will undoubtedly become familiar with many of the building names, such as White, Bigelow, Blake, Ellison, Warren, Founders, Gray, Jackson, Yawkey and Wang. (Now you know why they call it a complex). Don't be too concerned about finding your way from one building to another ... there are overhead signs in every corridor clearly guiding you to each of the other buildings.